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High-tech equipment and production facilities of JSC “OKB KP” allow performing all technological operations for the manufacture of cable and wire products. The production base of OKB KP JSC includes several workshops.

  • Wire drawing production area

    At the initial stage, copper rod is processed, from which a conductive core is then made - the basis of the cable and wire structure. Rolled wire is metal rods up to 10 mm thick, which are processed using drawing mills. These special machines pull the wire rod under pressure through a hole which section is less than the section of the wire rod, thus obtaining a wire of the required diameter from 0.05 mm to 1.04 mm for further use. This operation is called drawing. Then the wire is transferred to the annealing operation or to the department of anticorrosive coatings. OKB KP uses a wide range of materials for the manufacture of conductive conductors from pure copper and aluminum to various kinds of alloys and coated materials. Equipment located on the territory of the workshop allow to obtain copper and alloys with the following coatings: tin, nickel and silver, which are subsequently used in the manufacture of a conductive core.

  • Wire annealing production area

    In the process of drawing, the plasticity of the metal and its electrical conductivity are become worse. Therefore, in order to obtain flexible wire, it is heated in vacuum ovens, held for a certain time, and then cooled to room temperature. The temperature and duration of heating depend on the required properties of the wire. This operation is called annealing and is carried out to give the initial material the required values in accordance with GOST or TU for this material. Further, the wires are fed to the twisting machines, which twist them into a strand - a workpiece from which multiwire conductive conductors will be made.

  • Stranding and rewinding production area

    Stranding is a technological process of obtaining a conductive core from individual elements. Due to the use of various types of materials, cross-sections and structures, the conductor has different conductivity and characteristics. From insulated conductors, cables and wires are twisted either directly, or their component parts - groups, bundles. The rewinding operation allows the transfer of the conductive core for the further manufacturing of the finished wire.

  • Anti-corrosion coating production area

    Corrosion of a metal is a physicochemical reaction of a material with the environment, under the influence of which the properties of the metal change. This process leads to metal damage and corrosion. To protect against corrosion, copper wire is coated with protective coatings: tin, nickel, silver. In the department of anticorrosive coatings, the wire is tinned, nickel-plated and silver-plated.


The workshop consists of production areas, divided by technological processes. OKB KP uses a wide range of materials to manufacture insulation, shell, electrical screen, which allows to manufacture of wires and cables with different characteristics and ensures their operation in different conditions. The tasks of the workshop include the fulfillment of operation assignments for the manufacturing of semi-finished products and the release of finished products.

Workshop for cable and harness assemblies

Current requirements for cable products are dynamically changing over time and recent studies have shown that ready-made cable assemblies are in high demand. Therefore, since 2015, a cable assembly workshop has been operating and has reached full production capacity, fully equipped with modern equipment, which makes it possible to create cable assemblies from cables and wires of our own production. The available technological base allows the production of optical single-mode and multi-mode, as well as electrical cable assemblies.

The workshop also makes the assembly of PCBs as part of electrical harnesses with control of the specified electrical parameters and the braiding of the cable assembly using a special installation.

Research and production department of elastomeric materials and cable products

Main task of this department is production of insulating and hose rubber compounds according to the approved formulations and specifications, as well as the production of cable products based on them.