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History of OKB KP

Основатель Т.М. Орлович

In the middle of last century in subsequently to tremendous development of aerospace, nuclear shipbuilding, new types of research and special equipment the emerged a need to create special design bureau for design and manufacturing of special cable products.

O August 6, 1956, “SDB Gkavkabel” was established by order of Minister of Electrical Industry, which a year later was renamed into Special Design Bureau of Cable Industry (OKB KP).

T.M. Orlovich was appointed to its head. History of OKB KP has began from this moment.


At first time new Design Bureau was located at the building of cooperative “Koopprovodnik” at the address: 9, Zemskoy lane, Moscow. This lane is no exist at the moment. Nowadays State Art Gallery and Central House of Artist are located at this place.

Founder T.M. Orlovich

In 1957 very important task was received from policy making organ – design, develop and start to produce two types of high-power polyethylene insulation radio frequency cables. It became obviously that there is a necessity to have more spacious place for organization of technological chain and creating of production line. But unfortunately, there was no such possibility at Zemskoy lane. Suitable facility was found at Mytishchi town located near Moscow at 4 Yadreevskaya str., where OKB KP was moved in March of 1958.

Unique products

JSC “OKB KP” took part in all the largest projects of country and scientific events of the glogal scale. Our products were applied:

  • on first automatic interplanetary stations “Luna”, “Mars”, “Venera”, “Lunokhod”, “Vega”
  • Reusable space transportation system “Energia-Buran”
  • Manned orbital space station “Salyut”
  • First Russian optical communication line in 1977
  • First nuclear submarines
  • World’s first orbiter “Sputnik”
Space exploration

OKB KP wires and cables were used wherever reliable operation in extreme conditions was required. In 1965 OKBKP was awarded a commemorative medal of Academy of sciences of USSR in honor of first world’s first spacewalk. Umbilical wire connected cosmonaut A.A. Leonov with “Voskhod-2” spaceship was manufacture by experimental workshop of OKB KP located at basement of building No. 1 at Yadreevskaya str.

Development of territories

In the 1970s, after increasing of orders flow for production of OKB KP new buildings of powerful manufacturing site were built at 77 Kolpakova str. Fiber optic cable design was started. Research of radiation hardness of previously designed wires and cables were hold. Manufacturing of phase-constant cables was started. Head of OKB KP D.D. Rumyantsev was awarded with state prize.

Space success

1980s years were marked by tremendous work of preparation of manned research orbital space station “Mir”. Almost entire onboard EWIS was produced at OKB KP.

Operation life of “Mir” space station EWIS was not exhausted even at the time of its flooding in 2001. During entire period being in orbit no any equipment failures were detected caused by wires and cables made by OKB KP.

In 1988 successful test flight of reusable space shuttle “Buran” launched by heavy rocket “Energia” was held. At same time were hold research of transmitting cables with periodically located windows in external conductor made of copper foil and superconductor radio-frequency cables.


From beginning of 2000s large-scale manufacturing equipment modernization program was held. In 2015 was implemented modern insulation radiation cross linking machine: pulse accelerator ILU-8 for producing of onboard wires, braiding machines, rewinding machine for manufacturing of cable screens, tandem extrusion line. 5 enameled units were purchased and enameling workshop for producing of space application wires was created.

There were got some orders for new designs and got possibility to provide this work with highest scientific level. Were researched and implemented new conductor and insulation materials such as high strength aluminum alloys with new coatings, liquid crystal polymers, modified polymer films, cross linked PTFE and ETFE and others.

New developments
New developments