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Scientific departments

At present time OKB KP counts four scientific departments, whose task include:

Scientific department of radio-frequency cables

Department of Radio-frequency cables was established in 1957. Over the years of existing of department more than 300 designs of radio-frequency cables was implemented for using in special purpose radio technical units, cable television systems, radar equipment and telecommunication.

At present time department is engaged in research, development and design, modernization of design, and improvement of manufacturing technology for radio frequency cables including:
  • Coaxial radio-frequency cables standar and improved heat resistance (subminiature, miniature and mid sized cables)
  • Special purpose radio-frequency cables, including anti-vibrational ones
  • Television cables for cameras and for cable television systems
  • Transmitting cable
  • Cables for nuclear power plants
  • Symmetrical cables (subminiature, miniature and mid sized cables)
  • Fiber optic cable
  • Special purpose fiber optic cable (umbilicals, combined electrical-optical cables, cables for underwater operating vehicles)

The department supervises the serial production of the above cables.

Scientific department of high voltage and control cables

History of department begins in 1957. Department was created on the basis of electrical laboratory of OKB KP. First head of department was S.S. Solomonik. Department employees have developed and implement into manufacturing most of high voltage wire and cables using in modern electrophysical equipment, as well as almost all cables for ignition systems of modern aircraft.

At present time department is engaged in research, developing and design modernization and and improvement of manufacturing technology including:

The department supervises the serial production of the above cables.

Scientific department of conductor and insulation materials.

The department was established in 1957 on the basis of the laboratory of conductive materials. The head of department was V.I. Kozhevnikov. Over the years, the department employees have developed and introduced into production a large number of original conductor materials, which made it possible to create new modern wires and cables for the aerospace industry and not only. For example, in cooperation with the Institute of Giprotsvetmetrobrabotki and the Special Alloys Plant, a wire of high strength and electrical conductivity was developed and introduced. OKB KP experts design have developed technical process of silver, tin, nickel coating of above wires. This work made possible to ensure long-term and reliable operation of cable products at a temperature of 250 ºC, in conditions of high humidity, salt fog and other aggressive environments. The department was actively working with chemical plants. As a customer for the development of new materials, OKB KP has always been an active co-developer of the material. This is how all known fluoroplastics were developed and introduced into cable technology: PTFE, high-strength and heat-resistant fibers oxalon, arimide, phenylone. Currently, the department provide research and introduces new conductive materials into production in accordance with the requirements of international standards, ASMT, MIL. Develops applying technology of corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant metal coatings from nickel, silver and tin. Performs comprehensive tests of physical, mechanical and corrosive properties, including metallographic, spectral and chemical analyzes. At the moment, research is underway on bimetallic and trimetallic conductors.

Department of fiber optic cables and cable assemblies

Department was created in 1975. M.F. Popov was the first head of the department. First fiber optic cables were designed basing on bunch of light guiding fibers of boron glass. But this area was non-perspective due to high attenuation coefficient. Later experiments with single light guiding fibers of silica glass in polymer cladding. First fiber optical cable with such cladding was produced in 1977. At the same year it was used at optical communication line, first in USSR In 1980 single fiber-assembly of cable OK MS 01 and OK BS 01 were developed. Department team had developed original designs of fiber optic cable of different application: instrument, on-board, stationary, field and etc. At present time department is involved into cable assembly manufacturing.